Join Us

C3KK is looking for team members who can contribute to project proposals, start-up, execution, and completion to solve regional medical issues.
Specifically, why not work on community healthcare issues together with us in one of the following three roles?
・ Project manager
・ Project member
・ Field leader
Please see below for details, and if you are interested, please contact us from the inquiry form on this website.

Initiatives in Community Healthcare

We identify the various medical issues facing each specific region, act as a bridge between various players, and carry out activities that will bring about change.
(1) For local governments, we coordinate and consult with related parties to promote the concept of regionalized medicine and comprehensive community care.
(2) We implement projects by matching local governments with issues in regional medical care with pharma and medical device companies that want to contribute to solving those problems.
(3) We contribute to the promotion of health and healthy aging in the community by extracting and analyzing data related to health and medical care at the regional level.


In Japan, where the population is aging at rate unprecedented in other countries, there is an urgent need to realize a healthy and long-lived society.
To that end, it is important to promote regional medical care, and we must solve various issues that exist in each region.
However, although there is a framework for regional medical care, there are many local areas that do not actually have expertise and know-how about how to proceed toward successful realization of these systems. Our role is to connect local governments that have such issues with private companies that want to help solve them, and to provide consistent support from project planning through to execution and outcomes validation.

Who We Are Looking For

Those who are enthusiastic about contributing to solving Japan’s problems in medical care and finance through integrated community healthcare and local cooperation.
Those who want to tackle “difficult” problems.
Those who have the power to engage multiple stakeholders.
Those who move first, verifying their hypotheses and correcting their trajectory along the way. We emphasize curiosity and proactivity. And as projects progress, we are looking for people who can contribute as a member of the team while communicating effectively with both clients and colleagues.

Mandatory requirements (MUSTS)

・Over 5 years of experience in medical-related work
・Experience in project management / support

Preferences (WANTS)

The following experiences are welcome:
・Sales and/or head office experience at a pharma, medical devices, or diagnostic equipment company
・National qualification / medical staff license
・Management or field experience in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, etc.
・Work experience in local government
・Experience in project promotion with local governments, academic societies, foundations, multiple partner companies, etc.
・Work experience at an advertising agency, etc.
・Experience with project planning, verification, and data analysis
・Real world data (RWD) analysis experience